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Erik Hendrick is founder, director and psychotherapist of the Sapan Inka Retreat Center, and Nilda Quispe is founder and therapist.


In addition to the online sessions that we offer, we organize ayahuasca retreats. The retreats are in our retreat house located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in Cusco, Peru.



Ayahuasca Retreats



Our healing training with Ayahuasca medicine started in 2001 in a ceremony with the famous Ayahuasca healer Don Solon. From 1995, Erik started his journey in the shamanic world by using magic plants such as San Pedro. Erik and Nilda learned from Shipibo healers the shamanic techniques and the traditional knowledge. At one point, they were chosen by the Shipibo healers as apprentices, experiencing a hard and long training of several years, and later, they were authorized by the healers to invite ayahuasca medicine for healing.



Both, from a very young age, have had a deep interest in exploring the mind and the mysteries of the spiritual world. Since 1998 they were training, self-taught in Transpersonal Psychology, and in 2000 they started training in Deep Psychology of Carl Gustav Jung. The training was theoretical/experiential, and it happened through the reading of Jung's literary work and the experience of different synchronic events that happened parallel to their reading. Later they started a practice integrating psychospiritual therapy and Amazonian shamanic knowledge through the use of psychedelic medicinal plants, specially Ayahuasca. They were devoted to developing methods supporting people in the process of integrating their experiences.


Erik graduated as a psychologist with the thesis entitled "Phenomenological study of psychedelic experiences of people who have participated in therapy sessions with ayahuasca", he is a psychotherapist, member of the College of Psychologists of Peru, and he is Founder and director of the Sapan Inka Center, center for exploring expanded states of consciousness.




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Sapan Inka

Center for research and exploring expanded states of consciousness


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