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Center for research and exploring expanded states of consciousness

Psychedelic integration sessions

We offer guidance for the one who has decided to experience a journey to the inner world with the wish of traveling through expanded states of consciousness thanks to the use of entheogens or psychedelics. We do not offer psychedelic assisted therapy (taking a psychedelic during one session). We also do not provide psychedelic substances or recommend their use. We provide assistance to those who choose to have a psychedelic journey for deep exploration of the psyche, to those who are on a spiritual quest, and to those looking for healing and self-knowledge.

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By Pablo Amaringo

Ayahuasca Integration online sessions

If you had an Ayahuasca experience and nobody supported you to integrate it, we might help you with process of assimilation of your experience.

By Alex Grey

Psychedelic preparation and integration

How to prepare for a Psychedelic experience, how to make a symbolical interpretation of it, to integrate it and how to experience long positive effects.

Psychospiritual online training sessions

How to use some techniques for expansion of consciousness. Sharing with you some ideas and guidance for your personal journey of inner growth.

By Alex Grey

Difficulties after psychedelic experience

Support in the process of assimilation and integration of a post-psychedelic crisis, how to transform your experience into a tool for personal evolution.



If you are not ready to make a reservation for participating in an integration or accompaniment session yet, and want more detailed information on the sessions or perhaps have a first meeting with us, you can request a free 10-minute consultation.





Psychedelic Integration sessions are online via Zoom or by phone. It is possible to contact us by phone, email or book an appointment through the website.


Sapan Inka

Sapan Inka

Center for research and exploring expanded states of consciousness


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