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One thing very important in the integration of experiences is the knowledge of psychospiritual practices, introspection techniques and to know about the philosophy that surrounds these practices. For this reason, we recommend to read some books containing this knowledge, because they could be complementary in the work of deep exploration of the psyche and in the development and evolution of the personality. However, let’s not forget that spiritual development essentially requires committed practice, constant discipline, and the development of inner capacities through training the mind and spirit in daily practice.


Roberto Assagioli (1974)

Important book which main topic is the work over the will, doing it in a detailed and deep way, making known the different levels of the will and its importance and function in the evolution of the personality. The author also shares various techniques and therapeutic perspectives.


















Stanislav Grof (1978)

A deep exploration of the history and development of psychedelic therapy and the use of LSD in psychotherapy exposed by one of the most important founders of transpersonal psychology.




















 James Fadiman (2011)

This book is a manual or guide for those who are interested in starting a serious and committed practice in psychedelic exploration. Address the immediate and long-term effects of using psychedelics. Precautions and recommendations.

Sapan Inka

Sapan Inka

Center for research and exploring expanded states of consciousness


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