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“The spiritual development of the human being is a long and arduous journey, an adventure through strange lands full of surprises, difficulties and even dangers. It involves a drastic transmutation of the normal elements of the personality, an awakening of the hitherto latent potentialities, an increase in consciousness towards new realms and a functioning through a new internal dimension.”


Roberto Assagioli.


The accompaniment sessions for personal evolution have the objective of advising and guiding those people who are determined to start a path of spiritual search, or who are already living an awakening of consciousness, living a spiritual journey.



Personal Evolution



Today there are a huge number of possibilities and ways to start a path of personal evolution. Every day there are more people, despite not affiliating with any religious creed, looking for a way of spiritual awakening. Many are looking for self-knowledge, many seek clarity of mind, emotional balance and awakening of consciousness, many long to live a life with greater meaning, purpose and fulfillment; however, in many cases, this yearning is hampered or frustrated due to the mental and spiritual confusion that appears in every corner of the civilized world. The predominant collective thought is of a materialistic nature and, in many places, there is a great tendency to reject or ignore the possibilities of development and evolution of the personality. However, when there is a genuine longing for inner growth, there is nothing that can stop the process of personal development and evolution. It is time to walk our path. But we know that it is better to walk the path being properly prepared for the trip, that is, it is very important to be in good physical, mental and emotional condition before starting your spiritual journey, since this way the path becomes a more fruitful journey.


The process of personal evolution is a gradual process that, once started, continues to develop throughout life, involves the satisfaction of all basic needs on a material, personal and social level, and the emergence of needs of a higher level, spiritual needs. Personal evolution is known as the process of individuation or self-realization.


Today there are many who, thanks to the use of psychedelics, can experience a state of expanded consciousness and, thanks to this, they can perceive the need to seek greater meaning in their lives, the need to explore their depths and to be able to connect with the higher aspects of the interior of the being. However, many times the beginning of this journey is very difficult and it is necessary the presence of a guide, someone who can provide guidance for the development of the process.


During the sessions we invite you to share with us about your spiritual path, to talk about self-knowledge and inner growth, and maybe, we can support you to deepen your understanding of the spiritual workd and provide you with tools to allow you to explore by yourself the depth of your soul and to help you awakening your potential for evolution.


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US$ 100 an hour of session.




2 accompaniment sessions US$180. Over a period of 15 days

4 accompaniment sessions US$350. Over a period of 30 days



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