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Difficulties after psychedelic experience

Not always a journey through expanded states of consciousness implies having a psychedelic peak experience; that is to say, there are not always experiences of ecstasy, spiritual experiences, feelings of communion and interconnection, stage of completion or cosmic union. Not everyone who has an experience with psychedelics gains significant insights after the experience, and feelings of clarity and peace of mind are not always achieved. Sometimes, some live an experience commonly known as bad trip. Unfortunately, this kind of experience cannot be always properly assimilated and integrated to the field of consciousness, and they might produce different emotional and mental disorders. More and more people have access to an experience with psychedelics such as LSD or psychedelic mushrooms and in most cases these experiences happen without the support of an experienced guide or in an inappropriate setting, including, in many cases, psychedelics are consumed simultaneously with other substances such as alcohol and cannabis. Oftentimes there is simply an unfortunate result, producing various mental and emotional disturbances.



In some cases, the person is simply not ready for a psychedelic experience. It is necessary to consider that during this type of experiences a connection with the psychic reality takes place, allowing a flow of psychic contents that many times cannot be assimilated. Sometimes this is due to people's sensitivity or lack of mental and emotional balance. Or sometimes there is a lack of preparation of the mind to face an strong peak psychedelic experience or there is difficulty to interpret and integrate this experience. Some people have difficulty integrating an archetypal experience, which can produce an inflation of the personality, this can be dangerous for the individual, leading him to assume roles in society that could lead him to carry out acts against his or her own life or against society.


Finally, some people who have a psychedelic experience are very sensitive and they might experience an awakening of parapsychological perceptions. Days, weeks and even months after the experience, they may be still experiencing visionary effects or hearing voices or perceiving entities which bring messages. Sometimes the messages contain very interesting teachings, but they must always be examined with a lot of discrimination and good judgment, it is necessary to explore, understand, channel and perhaps sublimate these messages. In an inappropriate place, these kinds of experiences could be diagnosed as bipolar disorder or a psychotic break.


The sessions are intended, precisely, to accompany you in your process of assimilation and integration of your bad trips with psychedelics. We can advise on the use of certain psychological techniques and to help you with management of psychic energy.


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