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What is an Ayahuasca integration session?


It is a kind of support for those who have participated in ayahuasca ceremonies. Emotional, psychological and spiritual support. Integration is a process where you, together with the psychotherapist, will discover the meaning of your experience and you will learn how to integrate your experience in a positive way into your daily life.


This process requires management of skills and techniques with the intention to interpret the symbolical contents lived during and after an experience in an ayahuasca ceremony; then assimilating and integrating into the field of consciousness the contents and insights emerged during expanded states of consciousness; and later, assimilating and understanding a possible catharsis lived during the journey to the world of ayahuasca, since some experiences that are not properly interpreted and integrated could lead to confusion, triggering possible psychological or emotional disorder or physical illness.  



"Let's do it together"



The integration is a positive experience for anyone who has decided to practice it. The purpose of integration therapy is that the therapist can support the symbolic interpretation of experiences, that is, helping the person to translate the contents of their experience into understandings that can be assimilated and integrated into everyday life. Also, guiding and providing the necessary psychological tools so that each person can work with the process on their own. Integration session is an opportunity to continue with the spiritual exploration and the inner growth. The integration process is, maybe, the most important aspect of an experience with ayahuasca medicine, since an experience with meaning can generate positive effects in the long term.


You can request a free 10-minute consultation.






- How is the integration session? -



You can request a free 10-minute consultation so that you can speak with us personally, knowing us a little bit. We will get in touch via a video call and thanks to this conversation and to your intuition, you will know whether or not it is convenient to participate in integration sessions with us.



To book a session or one of our packages and then to agree on the dates and to know how we will have the session (Telephone, Skype, Zoom). We will send you a questionnaire, and it should be completed in detail to know about your personal history, your current physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state, and it will also allow us to know your intentions and purpose.



In the sessions we will explore together the contents of your experience with ayahuasca and what is the impact that this has had on your daily life. Also, you can share with us your perspective or vision of existence; And if you wish, you will tell us about your current mental, emotional and spiritual situation.



Together we will search for meaning to your experience, we will explore the symbolic contents that emerged in your visions and we will try to understand the sensations, perceptions and emotions that you experienced with ayahuasca medicine.



We will recommend you some psychospiritual exercises for allowing you to keep the connection with the spiritual dimension contacted by you, thanks to the experience lived with Ayahuasca medicine.



Finally, we will answer any question clarifying any doubt. Our main intention is to provide you with guidance and orientation. If necessary, we will agree on a new date to continue consulting.





US$100 an hour of session. Minimum session time is one hour.




2 integration sessions US $ 180. Over a period of 15 days

3 integration sessions US $ 250. Over a period of 30 days



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